Earth Science -- "Don't half Ass it!"

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If you are a student and want to do well on the Earth Science Regents exam you can virtually guarantee success by doing these assignments.  If you want to improve your gpa and use this to study in the summer prior to taking Earth Science that also will work.  If you are a teacher and want to improve your passing percent on the Earth Science Regents you can use these as part of your curriculum and/or as homework assignments.  If you are homeschooling you can use this for a 4 credit science course in High School or Junior High School

Interactive computer assignments give students instant feedback.  Lessons teach the subject and are very rigorous in testing students comprehension.


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Each question acts as a formative assessment determining if a student needs more instruction, more practice or is ready to move onto the next topic.


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Modern studies

Like having a personal tutor 24/7.  Students have flexibility of doing these in class, after school, or for homework.  They can do them via the internet or by using a flash drive.


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Tested in NYC public school for 6 years

Students score 60% above cohort on Regents Exam

Equivalent of 4 credits of HS/JHS science

Improve GPA and Regents Exam scores

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